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Back pain can have many causes, the most common being muscular issues, facet joint problems or disk injury. Each of these conditions present themselves differently.

What does it feel like?

  • Muscular Spasm/Tightness - normally a dull ache across the lower back, sometimes one side worse than the other. Can occur after over-exertion eg lifting something heavy or spending long periods of time in the garden or at the gym. 

  • Facet Joint Stiffness - all joints need to move smoothly & freely but sometimes these small joints can become stiff and cause discomfort. Often discomfort is localised to the affected joint. Unlike muscular issues, where symptoms may be spread across the lower back for example, discomfort will be felt in the centre of the spine. 

  • Disk Injuries -  individuals become more prone to disk injuries as they age and/or if overweight.  Often caused by lifting heavy objects incorrectly, the pain often gets worse with bending or twisting. A herniated/bulging disc (often referred to as a slipped disc) can sometimes bring on sciatic-like symptoms if the disc is pressing on the sciatic nerve at the nerve root.

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