We Won't....


Spend an hour taking down your medical history, at your expense.

Pat ourselves on the back because we've got you to achieve a low level target we've set for you.

Crack your back for temporary relief....in fact, we won't crack your back

Automatically suggest an x-ray because we've got an x-ray machine and it's a good way for us to make money.

Automatically advise you that six treatments at least are necessary to get your problem right.

Attempt to lure you into an unnecessary block booking arrangement that benefits us more than you.

Our first question won't be....

"Can we have a copy of your credit card details?"


We Will...

Be seriously proactive in getting to grips with your injury from day one,

with honesty and integrity,

seeking fast and effective results,

without unnecessary procedures or expense,

and you can pay as you go.


More Time
Less Appointments
Better Support